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    25 May 2020

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    Job Pathways in Aviation Operations

    Job Pathways in Aviation Operations

    Who you can be in the Aviation Industry.

    When you hear someone say they work in the Aviation Industry, most of our thoughts are, “they must be a cabin crew or a pilot!!”, well, Aspire’s here to tell you, those are not the only jobs available in this multibillion industry.

    Let’s have a look at top operations jobs in this industry:


    1. Aircraft Dispatcher

    Key individual in the industry who makes flight plans which includes selecting the correct altitudes for flights according to flight calculations, finding solutions to bad weather conditions, mechanical issues, etc., and has the authority to divert, cancel, delay, change a flight plan alongside the aircraft captain, as well as, communicates with pilots during flights that they monitor.

    1. Air Traffic Controller

    Another key individual whose responsibility and duty is to keep aircrafts safe during flight through radio and radar contact. They direct aircraft movement throughout the journey and guide through weather conditions, unexpected events and emergencies from an airport’s control tower.

    1. Customer Service Agent

    An individual who assists with all passenger related necessities. Their responsibilities include, checking-in passengers and baggage, verifying passenger documentation, boarding flights, handling VIP passengers, assisting special needs passengers, resolving passenger complaints and many more whilst complying with all regulations and procedures practiced at the airport.


    1. Ground Handling Agent

    Employees of an airline or airport ground handling company, are individuals who are responsible for loading and off-loading baggage/cargo from planes as well as, other jobs to prepare the aircraft for the next flight, i.e. service the interior of the aircraft, fuel the aircraft, use material handling equipment and more.


    1. Cargo Handling Supervisor

    This individual is responsible for everything cargo and baggage. They calculate load weights for different aircraft compartments, determine the quantity and placement of cargo inside an aircraft, direct cargo handlers in loading, off-loading, securing of the air cargo, etc.


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