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    Career Assistance

    What makes Aspire unique among other education providers is that, our curriculum and the teaching methodologies not only focuses on academic but also vocationally keeping in mind stimulating real work environment from the beginning till the end of the programme. Our trainers are well qualified and have many years of experience in the relevant industry.

    Experiential learning offered as complementary are:

    • Skills and Etiquettes Training
    • Grooming and Hygiene Norms
    • Presentation and Delivery Skill Development
    • Leadership and Management Skills
    • Career Guidance Programme
    • CV and Interview Preparation
    • Internship and Job Assistance

    The above trainings are provided to boost an individual’s opportunities of employability along with academic qualification and experience, as candidates’ personality traits and behaviors play an important role in getting hired for the rewarding careers.

    Need a job? Let ASPIRE help!

    Aspire DIGITAL SKILLS ACCELLARATOR hosts immediate job vacancies from its partnering employers for aspire students. Students can contact or email their resumes directly to the respective employers for the selection.
    To further assist our student in their job search, they can fill in the Job Application Form (Student) and email submit to Aspire. Their resumes will be forwarded to our partnering employment agencies for job consideration and selection.
    For full-time Aspire students who are interested to look for a job, you are required to contact operations@aspirecollege.lk

    Please visit our Facebook page for more up to date news and job opportunities.
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