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    25 May 2020

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    Job Pathways in Aviation Management

    Job Pathways in Aviation Management

    Top Aviation Management Jobs

    With hundreds of jobs in the Aviation industry, Aspire has narrowed down five (5) top Aviation Management jobs alongside their duties and responsibilities, to give you an idea of who you could become.


    1. Airport Manager

    An individual who oversees an airport’s overall airport operations. This includes overseeing employees, departments, managing daily operations plus future airport planning. Additionally, they comply with rules and regulations, maintain records, deal with issues, work closely with numerus other people i.e. air traffic controllers, firefighters, etc., all to ensure the safety of everyone in the airport and airside.


    1. Aviation Project Manager

    A professional responsible for initiating, organizing and physically planning development projects and programs for land use and facility development. They also direct, manage and review consultant contracts and work on aviation related project, as well as, develop or obtains studies, forecasts and projections of aviation activities and many more.


    1. Airport Duty Manager

    Responsible for ensuring the efficiency of daily airport operations as well as managing irregular operations and emergency situations. They are also responsible for managing staff levels ensuring sufficient staff is on duty, attend to staff complaints, making staff schedules, monitoring day-to-day maintenance and many more.


    1. Passenger Service Manager

    An individual fully responsible for delivering efficient passenger services and effective passenger services solutions. Additionally, responsible for communicating about safety awareness to employees, review all operational reports and final payroll, conduct meetings and daily briefings to employees, monitor, observe and manage teams to ensure top passenger services and more.


    1. Aviation Maintenance Manager

    Responsible for activities i.e. managing the aviation technology fleet, coordinate and schedule maintenance requirements, ensuring the completion of aircraft maintenance, maintain inventory, record books, tools, equipment supplies and many more whilst keeping in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and others.



    Aviation Career Pathways

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