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    25 May 2020

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    Aviation Post Covid-19

    Aviation Post Covid-19

    The year of 2020 has been affected worldwide by the well-known COVID-19, impacting all industries, especially the Aviation Industry. According to ICAO, the 2020 air passenger forecast reviled that airlines will be faced by 1.5 billion fewer global air passengers this year and IATA reviled that airlines will lose $314 billion in revenue this year.

    Based on the statistics, what will the Aviation Industry look like after this pandemic? Is there hope for this industry?

    With various ICAO regulations and guidance, ICAO does see many countries already planning their COVID-19 recovery scenarios due to the importance of tourism, global supply chains and other air connectivity factors, resulting in the need of the industry to prosper their local socio-economics.

    Even though this many seem in the long run, air travelling will continue at a small scale with regulations in place, plus, with new practices and development of digital technologies, i.e. touchless travel, digital health passports, travelling numbers can be forecasted to increase and will gradually improve over time.

    Additionally, aviation is a necessity, not only for individual purposes but for a country’s economy as well. With import and export being some of the countries’ main sources of income, air transportation is required to keep their economy healthy, hence, even though passengers might not travel in heavy numbers until some time, there will be other factors to keep this industry running.

    In conclusion, there is hope for the Aviation industry. Passenger travelling will continue, air cargo will be transported, movement in import and export will continue as well and with new methods and developments in ensuring a safe and secured travel, the industry will gradually stand up stronger and continue to serve globally.


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